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Autumn school 2017 

October 23rd – 27th (Mon - Fri)

Time : Morning Session/ 8:30am -2:00pm  | Full Day Session/ 8:30am -4:00pm  

Extended Day/ 8:30am -6:00pm

Ivy Prep International School provides a 5-day Autumn School during the upcoming Autumn/Fall Break for enrolled families and open to public. This Autumn School is an opportunity to engage the children to enjoy the Autumn season; colorful leaves and harvest of plentiful vegetables, interesting weather and social event facts. Children will be mixing colors, looking at Autumn books, collaging with lentils and going on autumn walks.
We offer the same program and activity in an extended Full-day format giving children many different activities to choose from
  • Why Do Leaves Change Color?

  • Harvest Festivals Fun Facts

  • Autumn STEAM Activities

  • Fall Mini Books/ Worksheets and lots of fun activities

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